AI integration

We embed AI technologies in your business


AI development

We build artificial intelligence models for your business


AI jobs

We build technologies that replace or support your team

1. We develop and integrate AI in your business

Tell us what your business does and we'll show you how artificial intelligence can help you scale your business all while significantly reducing your costs

2. We create your artificial "employees" and they're better

That's a little taboo right now but we can build artificial intelligence models that can replace your employees or support them for an increase in productivity

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Here are some examples

A 100" AI marketing team + -

We built Wonder George , an AI that offers small and medium size businesses a 100% AI marketing team for $49/mo. Wonder George builds an entire website in 1 minute, ranks it on Google, translates it to any language you want, blogs every 3 days, prepares social media posts and even builds your mobile app in 2 clicks.

A luxury travel agency + -

Their problem: It took their team 2 to 3 weeks to build a program for their international luxury clientele which was very expensive and prevented them to really scale their business. We built an AI that feeds off of their long experience to build the program layout in under 10 minutes, leaving their travel experts to work on the final touch and details. Their cost dropped by over 80% and they can now welcome many more customers.

Early cancer detection + -

Imagine if your doctor was able to detect a cancer with 97% accuracy in its very early stage? We built an AI that is capable of doing that. Doctors can plugin their patients' data and quickly know who's at risk.

An AI that speaks on the phone + -

We're building an AI that can answer the phone or call people. It can handle up to 100,000 simultaneous calls in any language. It's almost impossible for you to know it's an AI talking. Take a look at Neural Calls

An AI to avoid a DUI + -

We built an AI that can detect if you're under the influence before you hit the road. And if you are, it books a driver to get you home safely.

What about your AI? + -

Tell us the problem you want to fix and we'll show you how artificial intelligence can tackle it and go beyond your own expectations.


Now you get it! We will make the tech part of your project come true!

We make everything possible

You have an awesome business idea but you don't know where to start to make it come true? That's when you call the A(lsasoft) Team. We'll make it happen and help you make your dreams come true.


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