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We only work with the crème de la crème of engineers



We are masters in AI development to secure your future



We help you figure out how AI will change your business



Time is money so we know how to be quick so that your project can quickly go to market.



We think out of the box so that we always find effective and creative solutions.



What really matters at the end of the day is that we blow your users' minds with awesome tech.


1. We integrate artificial intelligence in your project

We help you figuring out what artificial intelligence can do for your business so that you have a clear path to a strong business development. Then we take care of developing the technologies that will give your business a strong (unfair?) advantage over your competition

2. We develop your own models of artificial intelligence

You have an idea in the back of your mind and you can't figure out if it's even possible? Talk to us, we'll make it happen. The complexity of AI is more a matter of knowing what it can do than how to build it.

AI development

76% of the project we currently work on involve artificial intelligence

Traditional dev

We also work on some cool stuff that aren't AI


We do what very few dev companies can do because we've been crazy enough to work in AI for almost 10 years

We love making
the impossible possible

We think different. That's why we can help your business achieve things you don't even know are possible

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Why work with us?

We sure know what we're talking about + -

Every body's talking about AI but very few developers can actually imagine how it can be integrated into business development. We've been called crazy for working in AI for almost 10 years and now it's paying off: We can build amazing stuff for you.

And we speak human + -

What really matters is that you get a good product without going crazy. When we discuss your project with you we do it in plain english (or French, German or Chinese), not in tech gibberish. Then your project manager builds your project so that engineers can actually build it.

Then we're cost effective + -

A good solution is one that fits your budget so we go creative to make things happen at a cost that... Well... Fits your budget.

We love long term relationships + -

There's no such thing as a one-shot with us. We're in this with you for the long haul. We help you find the right balance between features and cost so that you can go to market fast while we're building the future.

And we're freaking cool! + -

We all work in a joyful environment which makes us the cool kids on the block. Our customers love the experience of working with us even more than our awesome tech.


our faces

Lu Tan


Andy Dills

Data Science

Morgane Weiss

UX Manager

Michael Beck

Artificial Intelligence

We make everything possible

You have an awesome business idea but you don't know where to start to make it come true? That's when you call the A(lsasoft) Team. We'll make it happen and help you make your dreams come true.


What next?

1 We spend some time on Zoom

We take the time to really understand your project and ask smart questions. We usually spend between one and two ours on Zoom to make sure we're the right fit and we can make your project happen within your time frame and your budget.

2 We get back to you with a budget and a timeline

Within about a week, we get back to you with a solution, a budget estimate and a development time estimate.

3 We go under contract and we get to work!

No nonsense, no BS, we just make everything crystal clear and we get to work because your idea can't wait to be released to the world!

L'intelligence intelligence We will tout changer and il faut l'adopter dès maintenant

our devoted clients

"Ca n'a aucun sens d'embaucher des gens talentueux puis de leur dire quoi faire."
Steve Jobs Entrepreneur
"L'intelligence c'est pas sorcier. Il suffit de penser à une connerie et dire l'inverse"
Coluche Penseur
"L'excellence est un art que l'on atteint par l'exercice constant"